Dark Ouroboros

New SciFi book by Michael Barley out now!

Captain Celeste and her handpicked planetary crew of scientific experts are suddenly called away from their cozy survey mission to investigate the colonised planet, Ouroboros. The planet has gone dark—nothing in, nothing out.

What they find goes beyond their most lethal dreams and unfathomable understanding. 

The Blacklight’s crew are pitted against a freezing planet that does not welcome strangers, but as her team discovers, Celeste is no ordinary Captain. With her help they must use all their courage and survival skills to protect the dwindling colonists and themselves from ever increasing horrors, and solve the riddles of the planet’s otherworldly creatures and geographic anomalies. 

From our Milky Way to the Andromeda Galaxy the unprepared crew must unravel the clues before they become trapped in the crushing embrace of the the strangest planet in the Universe, Dark Ouroboros.

Out in hardcopy and ebook. 

Dark Ouroboros

SciFi paperback novel + postage